Slewing ring bearing
Four-point contact ball slewing bearing
Internal gear type
External gear type
Without gear type
Double-row ball slewing bearing
External gear type
Internal gear type
Without gear type
Three-row roller slewing bearing
Internal gear type
External gear type
Without gear type
Crossed roller slewing bearing
Internal gear type
External gear type
Without gear type
Ball/Roller combined slewing bearing
External gear type
Slewing bearing for Wind turbine

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WELCOME TO LYXQL® SLEWING RING BEARINGS , a leader in the  manufacturers of large size slewing bearings, based on Luoyang in China.LYXQL , 90000 mfactory is staffed by more than 400 employees ,equipped with modern facilities, designs and manufactures a large variety of ball and roller slewing ring bearings with diameters range from 500mm up to 7500mm in many applications that require long operating life under demanding conditions. Nowadays,we can design and manufacture slewing bearing with outer diameter 12000mm.The Slewing bearings are widely used as components in wind energy turbines, harbor cranes, ship deck cranes, truck cranes, construction cranes, bulk materials handlings, port machinery, ladle turret or ferris wheels etc. For more information regarding our new products:Main bearing for direct drive wind turbine generator,Tunnel Boring Machine bearing,Large size slewing bearing etc. Kindly please visit our new website: www.lyxqlbearing.com

2013-6-18 | New website: www.lyxqlbearing.com
2012-3-17 | LYXQL produce the large size split gear rim with outer diameter 6700mm
2012-3-17 | LYXQL produced the largest slewing bearing with OD 6905mm
2011-3-22 | LYXQLs first 2MW direct drive wind turbine generator main bearing roll off the production line
2011-2-18 | Chinas biggest slewing bearing was born in LYXQL on Dec.22,2010
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